The Winter Soldier

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Imagine Bucky suffers relapses into the Winter Soldier once he comes to Avengers Tower with Steve. It takes a long time of talking to him and holding him down, or sometimes just restraining him until its run its course, for Bucky Barnes to come back. Its these moments that kill Steve because Bucky always comes back shouting " WHAT DID I DO? WHO DID I HURT?!" every time. And it breaks Steve to se his best friend so terrified of himself.
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they never let him hurt anyone - steve makes absolutely sure of that - and over time, it happens less and less often, but bucky never really stops being afraid of what he could do if he lost control.

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Imagine Bucky coming down from all the drugs HYDRA kept him on- to reduce the need for sleep, to eliminate distracting biological urges, and of course to keep him docile. He doesn't know what to expect, because he doesn't remember any of what they gave him. He probably never knew in the first place.
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he’s sick for days - steve reassures him that’s to be expected, and he decides to believe him, even though he knows perfectly well that steve doesn’t know shit about medicine. he stays at steve’s apartment - steve had been adamant that he’d be most comfortable in familiar company rather than in a hospital, as long as it was safe - but a doctor comes by regularly to check on him and steve and sam are very careful to follow all of her instructions to the letter. bucky knows perfectly well they’ve got her on speed dial and won’t hesitate to call her, so he’s on his best behavior. like he’d be on anything else when he feels this terrible.

the progression of time isn’t entirely clear to him, but he does know that steve is like a damn guard dog; just about every time he wakes up, steve is at his elbow, sometimes dozing, but more often asking him if he wants some water, or some crackers, at least, c’mon, buck, you’ve gotta eat something.

everything is a bit of a blur, but sometimes he falls asleep to a cool cloth on his forehead and someone’s hand stroking his hair, and he remembers that with unusual clarity. he thinks maybe he did that for someone else, once, but he can’t quite remember.

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Elizabeth Olsen | Bullett Magazine, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen | Bullett Magazine, 2012

"I am your untapped potential, your unrealized dreams! I am part of you."


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